Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


We have set the standard on how scrimmages should be run.

🚨Warning* These fill up EXTREMELY fast.

We will be running weekly HIGH QUALITY scrimmages for all age groups. These are professionally organized games and are refereed by  certified officials. I will send out an invite weekly through SIgnUpGenius. Please email me to get on the list.

Balance is Key

Development needs a balance of fun and serious. Too much of either and the evolution of your skater becomes unbalanced. Professionally organized scrimmages are a great way to add some enjoyment into the offseason routine. Plus, for the cost, you can’t beat it! 

How They Work

Approximately 48-72 hours before each scrimmage, I will send out an invite via SignUpGenius. 24 hours prior to puck drop, I will send an email out with team color assignments and payment instructions. Not receiving the invites? Email Kyle to get on the list. 

Benefits Of Unstructured Play In A Pressure-Free Environment...

Enhanced Creativity

Worry-Free Mistakes

Learn Through Experience

The Most Fun Ever!