Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


Drop-In Clinics Are Key To Your Athelete’s Success

Directed Attention

The hyperfocus on a certain set of skills for an entire hour allows for maximum absorption. You will see results much faster here than a ‘general skills session.’ Paired with an atmosphere full of energy and instruction, these sessions are extremely valuble and essential for accelerating development.

How They Work

Approximately 48-72 hours before each session, I will send out an invite via SignUpGenius. 24 hours prior to puck drop, I will send a confirmation email out with payment instructions. Not receiving the invites? Email Kyle to get on the list. 

An hour of ice dedicated to backwards skating

Inside Edges

Outside Edges

Body Control

Overall Mobility

Backwards Overspeed

Changing Directions

Backwards Puck Handling

It is HIGHLY recommended players know how to skate backwards. This is for the more experienced skaters.