We are a highly effective skills development company. We believe that the best players are always the best skaters and therefore we place top emphasis on developing the foundations of the sport. Through camps, clinics and individual/group lessons, Hull Hockey brings high energy, player-specific attention, and unmatched enthusiasm to each event.


Skating is always a priority at Hull Hockey. Anyone can tell a player to stop, start, transition, “skate faster!” or jump over this obstacle or that obstacle but not just anyone can actually teach a player how to skate properly. It’s extremely easy to tell a player to “get creative” passing a puck under an object while hopping over it, but what if the players have never been taught the proper foundation of edge-work and technique? Giving players the authentic and genuine tools to become better skaters through power-skating and technique in such a high-energy environment automatically increases strength, stability, quickness, efficiency and basically forces them to become stronger on their feet creating better overall skaters, which of course, creates better hockey players in return. Skaters who continuously work on their proficiency and craftsmanship of tried and true edge-work (just like your favorite NHL players) will be given the ability to make quicker and more effective sudden changes of speed and direction, a more efficient stride, a higher capability of acquiring the other principle skills, and a heightened capacity of confidence during gameplay. Look no further, the results speak for themselves!


The coaching philosophy of Hull Hockey is to connect with each and every player to create an extremely fun and positive learning environment that players will thrive in. What makes Hull Hockey different is Kyle’s ability to quickly assess each athlete and then connect with them to create a customized learning environment. Every single player has a different way of learning. Kyle has mastered the ability to recognize and adapt his style to each player to ensure they are having fun, but are also challenged to the best of their ability while feeling accomplished. Ultimately, the mutual respect that is created on the ice allows for excellence in training through top coaching knowledge and the implementation of life lessons.


​The company is owned and Operated by Kyle Hull. Kyle grew up in Denver and played locally for Arvada and several AAA programs. In addition to hockey, he was passionate about weight lifting and fitness. That passion led him to pursue nutrition as an area of study at Metro State University in Denver. At the age of 18, while playing in a game against the Director of Operations for Littleton Hockey Association, he was approached to start coaching for the Littleton Hawks organization. He quickly moved up the ranks from a new coach to the leader of the Littleton Hawks U8 Program as the Director of U8 Development as well as face of the U10 program. He currently coaches Littleton’s U10 AA athletes who have won the League Championship 5 out of the last 6 years. Kyle is proud to serve as the Assistant Director of Hockey Operations for Littleton. He continues lead the Hawks organization as the Director of Player Development and U8 Development as well as the coordinator for “Grow The Game” program.
When he is not at the rink you will find him outdoors spending time with his wife Danielle and dogs Sully (Alaskan Malamute), Ivy (Great Dane) and Loki (Great Dane). While he lives, sleeps and breathes hockey, his other passion is making sure his pups have the best life possible!