Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


Become A More Skilled & Physically Dominant Player Everywhere On The Ice

Physicality, puck handling, shooting and deception all rolled into one

Players will walk away more confident in their overall presence.

Underrated Skills

What do body positioning, puck protection and deception all have in common? They are all qualities of the best players in the world and are all underutilized and under-focused in modern day development. 

Modern Development

Some of our most favorite things to teach are in this camp. We love giving players the tools they won’t get anywhere else helping them become even harder to play against. With our unrivaled energy and modern multi-layered drills, they are sure to become mean but clean

Enhanced Creativity

Creativity has become a highway for skill development due to the intense presence of social media among other things. A huge benefit of this camp is the amount of creativity that is Brought to light. Players thrive off of the allowance to be inventive.  

Using Our Body To Our Advantage

Body positioning is so much more than body contact. So much of the game is won by winning battles, keeping the puck away from opponents, and figuring out ways to use our own body to gain an advantage over the opposing players. To be an effective player, your presence must be felt every time you are on the ice.  

Master Being Mysterious

Deception is the future of training. As the game becomes more and more skilled, deception is going to become a necessity for any high level hockey player. Players need to have options in their heads at all times, no matter the situation. Footwork, bodywork and puck work must be aligned, even at top speed. 

For 10U-15U With Prior Experience. This is not recommended for newer skaters.

🗓️ 2024 Schedule

Monday & Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm at Foothills Ice Arena

Monday, June 10th

Wednesday, June 12th

Monday, June 17th 

Wednesday, June 19th

Monday, June 24th

Wednesday, June 26th

Monday, July 8th 

Wednesday, July 10th

Monday, July 15th 

Wednesday, July 17th 

Monday, July 22nd

Wednesday, July 24th

📍Foothills Ice Arena

2250 S Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80227