Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


Drop-In Clinics Are Key To Your Athlete’s Success

Directed Attention

The hyper focus on a certain set of skills for an entire hour allows for maximum absorption. You will see results much faster here than a ‘general skills session.’ Paired with an atmosphere full of energy and instruction, these sessions are extremely valuable and essential for accelerating development. 

How They Work

Approximately 48-72 hours before each session, I will send out an invite via SignUpGenius. 24 hours prior to puck drop, I will send a confirmation email out with payment instructions. Not receiving the invites? Email Kyle to get on the list. 


I think we have all yelled this a time or two. I was originally going to call this an Overspeed session, but I wanted more meaning which ties into the goal of the skate. These sessions over-emphasize keeping the players’ feet moving almost the ENTIRE HOUR. As if moving their feet at this capacity isn’t enough, the players will also possess a puck as soon as they hit the ice; the puck will literally never leave their stick, and their feet won’t stop! There is nothing better than players moving 90% of the time. Not only will it push them physically, but it will also be a mental check. Moving their feet becomes a habit, cardiovascular endurance becomes second-nature, and puck control increases tenfold.

🚨WARNING: Make sure players bring a water bottle!