Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


From The Front Foot To The Back Foot, We Cover It All

Nobody Breaks Down Shooting Like We do

Reps on Reps on Reps

Functional Progression

Just like our skating camp, we have mastered the progressive nature of developing skills in the quickest way possible. Each drill starts from the root of the release and each new drill builds from the previous. 

Energy & Fun

Shooting pucks for the entire hour is just plain fun. I mean, who wouldn’t love it?! Plus, the energy stemming from the pure joy of the kids is infectious creating one heck of an atmosphere to learn in. 

Non-Stop Instruction

No matter what we run, we will never just allow the kids to go through the motions. Our priority is giving the kids the tools they need to succeed and feel accomplished. We will always be here for your players first and foremost.

Different Releases

We cover everything you can imagine on both the front foot and the back foot to add to your skaters tool box. Not only will players improve their shots from every scenario on the ice, but they will also become better and more efficient puck handlers. The double benefit of this camp is the focus on body control and puck control. 

Isolating Components

You may see a pattern here…as skaters, our upper and lower body must be in sync at all times. This is especially true when releasing the puck. We isolate certain components of each shot to directly improve and strengthen certain movements to enhance our overall shot. But beware this is not easy! 

For 10U-15U With Prior Experience. This is not recommended for newer skaters.

🗓️ 2024 Schedule

Sunday, June 16th

Sunday, June 23rd

Sunday, June 30th

Sunday, July 14th

Sunday, July 21st

Sunday, July 28th

Group 1 – 9:15-10:15am

All Skates At The Ice Ranch

Group 2 – 11:45-12:45pm

📍The Ice Ranch

841 Southpark Dr, Littleton, CO 80120