Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater


20 Hours Of High Intensity Development

Your Best Option In Spring To Maximize Individual Skill Development

Players Leave Feeling Accomplished

These sessions are the definition of overall development. You will not find an environment better to push your athlete. The passion displayed in these skates is completely unmatched. The energy, spirit, animation and pace to get better is beyond compare. Players are not only challenged but they are held liable to give the best of their ability…and even beyond! Players who participate will leave feeling accomplished based on the fact they were pushed beyond their limit, yet succeeded. This is what makes Hull Hockey special. We find the potential and bring it to life! Welcome to Spring High Intensity Development.

What Is This Program?

Our spring high intensity development program is basically all of our spring camps all rolled into one. In the past, we have done the combination of our Advanced Powerskating Progression and Deception & Goal Scoring camp. Well, this is that and some. We have lots of time to give our athletes just what they need to take their skills to the next level. 

High Intensity Development

The hyperfocus on a certain set of skills for an entire hour allows for maximum absorption. You will see results much faster here than a ‘general skills session.’ Paired with an atmosphere full of energy and instruction, these sessions are extremely valuble and essential for accelerating development.

Powerskating & Edge Work

This is what Hull Hockey was built on. If you’ve read our philosophy, you’ll know we believe that the best players are the best skaters. Whether it’s mastering the basics or pushing the players into uncomfortable territory, the progressive nature of this program is highly effective in not only maximizing repetitions, but also introducing new and challenging drills to the skaters through familiarity. This immensely helps expand players’ mind-muscle connection and muscle memory. Every drill has a motive. It’s time to get better on purpose. What are you waiting for?

Body Work & Foot Work

In order to produce more offensively, players have to be harder to play against, and in order to be harder to play against, Players have to become unreadable and need to get comfortable handling the puck outside of their bodies. There are several ways to do this. We cover them all in a very intense and realistic environment. From one-handed protection to puck-placement to self-passes, your skaters will walk away feeling better about their puck protection and deception tools.

Puck Handling & Shooting

No one breaks down shooting like we do. We take any and every shot you can think of and break down each step into smaller, more intricate components to build up to the real thing. Much like our noted Advanced Powerskating Progression camp, there is a profound progressive structure, which leads to improvement via the pathways of repetitions and connection from drill to drill. Players are sure to get an abundance of reps with no shortage of correction and instruction. We have found the perfect system; it is time for you to apply it to your game!

For 10U-15U With Prior Experience. This is not recommended for newer skaters.