What is one thing we just don’t have time for at the U8 level? Scrimmages! During the fall season, skill-development is much more important as we want to focus on creating more skilled hockey players and better skaters. In the Summer, I offer full-ice scrimmages for U8’s (At the Intermediate & Advanced levels). These have the sole purpose of introducing these kids to full-ice hockey, so as they get older and hit the Squirt level, they won’t be completely shocked! These are great for offering a truly fun, relaxed and entertaining environment. A ref will be present, music will be played, and score will be kept – Truly a blast!



Development is not only skill-based training. Development needs to have a balance between “training” and “fun.” Finding the right balance is key. Chances of burnout significantly increases when a player doesn’t have the opportunity to just have…fun. Nothing is more fun than playing the game of hockey, which is why I offer these incredibly popular scrimmages. Kids will actually develop themselves by learning through experience and trying new things. There is no pressure as there are no coaches yelling! A referee is present, music is played during stops of play, and the score is kept. Absolutely one of the most fun things your player will experience over the Summer!