I have recently changed the name of this class to really highlight the purpose of these skates. These classes have a simple, yet sophisticated progressional nature and structure. Skaters will first master the basic movements while also mastering proper body-control & techniques during these movements. As the sessions move on, the skaters will work their way into more advanced edge-work using tons of different drills with familiar components creating the most effective way to establish proper muscle memory. Players will DRASTICALLY improve in all areas of the game as they become better, fuller and stronger skaters. You do not want to miss this one!
These sessions are guaranteed to:

  • Build leg strength & core stability
  • Improve endurance, balance, stamina & coordination
  • Drastically improve edge-work & foot work
  • Increase recognition of the importance of body-control (efficiency)
  • Give the players the proper foundation to increase every aspect of their game

Class Dates & Details – 2022

  • June: 19th, 26th
  • July: 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st 
  • Squirt – 8:00-9:00AM (Ice Ranch)
  • Peewee & Up – 10:30-11:30AM (Ice Ranch)

*Each participant will receive a Hull Hockey Class jersey*


Hull Hockey is excited to announce a skating camp designed specifically for high school aged athletes. As skating is the foundation of every athlete, it must be constantly worked on and practiced. With this class, skaters can expect a steady progression starting from the basics and reaching extremely fun and challenging drills with the same familiarities and concepts throughout each drill to solidify the best foundation and acquired techniques. Benefits of this steady and careful progression include; increased skating efficiency, better posture & technique, increased power & strength in each leg, more body control, and skaters looking and feeling much stronger in their skates. Just like the pro’s….skating is a never-ending work in progress! We are sure to make this a fun and enjoyable way to become better and stronger skaters.


I don’t call this a body contact class because it’s so much more. So much of the game is won by winning battles, protecting the puck, and figuring out ways to use your body to gain an advantage over the opponents. In this class players will walk away more confident in their physicality, and in the end, they will be much harder to play against. There’s simply not enough time during the season to teach every aspect of body positioning, contact and puck protection, so take advantage of this highly praised class!

This class is designed to give players the following:

  • Recognition of body positioning to win races & battles
  • Proper angling and making/taking contact
  • Tips/Tricks on how they can use their stick as a tool
  • Higher confidence in physical play
  • The ability to be much harder to play against

Class Dates & Details


Each participant will receive a Hull Hockey Class jersey*