Your First Step In Becoming A Better Skater



Our Advanced Powerskating Progression camp is the most important camp your skaters will participate in. If you’ve read our philosophy, you’ll know we believe that the best players are the best skaters. Whether it’s mastering the basics or pushing the players into uncomfortable territory, the progressive nature of this camp is highly effective in not only maximizing repetitions, but also introducing new and challenging drills to the skaters through familiarity. This immensely helps expand players’ mind-muscle connection and muscle memory. Every drill has a motive. It’s time to get better on purpose. What are you waiting for?
Our tested and proven progression includes the following:
  • Inside Edges
  • Outside Edges
  • Hip Mobility & Flexibility
  • Body Control & Posture
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Pure Stability, Coordination & Balance
  • Backwards Inside & Outside Edges

Class Dates & Details – 2023 Coming Soon


Hull Hockey is excited to announce a skating camp designed specifically for high school aged athletes. As skating is the foundation of every athlete, it must be constantly worked on and practiced. With this class, skaters can expect a steady progression starting from the basics and reaching extremely fun and challenging drills with the same familiarities and concepts throughout each drill to solidify the best foundation and acquired techniques. Benefits of this steady and careful progression include; increased skating efficiency, better posture & technique, increased power & strength in each leg, more body control, and skaters looking and feeling much stronger in their skates. Just like the pro’s….skating is a never-ending work in progress! We are sure to make this a fun and enjoyable way to become better and stronger skaters.


Our Body Positioning & Puck Protection camp is so much more than a body contact camp. So much of the game is won by winning battles, protecting the puck and figuring out ways to use your body to gain an advantage over your opponents. To be an effective player, your presence must be felt every time you’re on the ice. In this camp, players will walk away more confident in their physicality and, in the end, they will be much harder to play against. Are you hungry for the puck? It is time to show it.
Players will work on the following:
  • Hip mobility & range of motion leading to better puck protection
  • Handling the puck outside of their bodies (away from the opponents)
  • Being the first to engage in contact
  • Learning ways to manipulate their own bodies to gain an advantage over the opponents
  • Using their sticks as tools
  • Puck placement (placing puck as far away from opponents while still maintaining possession)
  • Fighting through contact
  • Angling players down the wall and in open ice
  • Staying D-side and playing the body
  • …And much more!


Camp Dates & Details – 2023 Coming Soon