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Drop-In Clinics Are Key To Your Athelete’s Success

The hyperfocus on a certain set of skills for an entire hour allows for maximum absorption. You will see results much faster here than a ‘general skills session.’ Paired with an atmosphere full of energy and instruction, these sessions are extremely valuble and essential for accelerating development.

For these drop-in style clinics, I will send out an invite via SignUpGenius several days prior to each skate. If you have not been receiving these invites, please reach out to Kyle to get on the list.

Warning: These fill up EXTREMELY fast.


for more information on this clinic, please scroll down.


Welcome to ‘Nothing But Backwards!’ – an hour of ice dedicated to backwards skating.

Centers/Wingers…yes I am looking at you! Not only do the defense need to keep sharpening their backwards skating, but the centers and wingers also need to. You think Crosby can only skate forwards? Enough said.

But in all seriousness, I am all about being the best skater on the ice; afterall, “The best players are the best skaters.” This means BOTH forwards and backwards skating (the complete skater).

these sessions will execute the following;

  • Backwards edge work
    • Inside Edge
    • Outside Edge
    • Body Control
    • Overall Mobility
    • Lateral Work
  • Backwards overspeed
  • Changing directions
  • Backwards puck handling
  • …and lots more!

It is HIGHLY recommended players know how to skate backwards. This is for the more experienced skaters.




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