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Melee In The Mountains



Who is ready for some fun in beautiful Vail, CO?!

How to register:
2015-2019 – 8U
2013-2014 – 10U
2012-2011 – 12U
2010-2007 – 14U/16U


Melee In The Mountains 2023 

Dobson Ice Arena – Vail, CO

June 9th-11th – This event will start the morning/afternoon of June 9th for most teams.

Melee in the Mountains PDF

What is Melee In The Mountains?

Melee In The Mountains is a “mini-tournament” in beautiful Vail, Colorado. It is entirely free-agent based meaning players will register as individuals and will be placed on a team. Teams are drafted as evenly as possible to promote the best and closest competition.

What ages is this event for?

We have nearly every level including 8U, 10U, 12U and 14/16U. Our 8U division will play jamboree style half-ice games. Our 10U-14/16U divisions will play 5 on 5 full ice hockey as usual. Seeing as this tournament is built with fun in mind, our 14/16U division is entirely non-checking.

Why was this event created?

The sole purpose of this tournament is literally to forget about everything. Forget about taking hockey too seriously. Honestly this isn’t even about the hockey (okay, well maybe the tiniest bit), but forget about stress at work for one weekend.  Just head up to Vail, relax, let loose, hang out with family & friends and have fun while meeting new hockey families. The scoreboard? Who cares! You’re in one of the most beautiful mountain destinations – the hockey is just a little bonus on the side! Take the time to just have….FUN. This is a huge social event and one of may favorite parts is meeting new faces and hanging out with everyone. Truly a classic event that you don’t want to miss.

Other Fun Details

  • Each player will receive four games plus a reversible Hull Hockey tournament jersey
  • I will be hosting a family skate which is completely free. This is a public skate for kids, relatives, parents, grandparents, etc.
  • I will also be hosting a parent’s scrimmage! The kids aren’t the ones getting all the fun…


  • Skaters – $175
  • Goalies – $100


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