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2023 Goal Scoring & Deception Christmas Camp ๐ŸŽ„



December 28th-31st

Talk about the best of both worlds…

We took our two most raved about camps and compressed it into one camp. Pure development with double the fun. We have combined our Advanced Powerskating Progression camp and our Goal Scoring & Deception camp. Players will receive four hours of potent powerskating & edge work followed by four hours of a seamless blend of shooting, puck handling and puck protection all in one.

2015-2009 birth years only.

All skates will be held at The Ice Ranch.

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Our Advanced Powerskating Progression camp is the most important camp your skaters will participate in. If youโ€™ve read our philosophy, youโ€™ll know we believe that the best players are the best skaters. Whether itโ€™s mastering the basics or pushing the players into uncomfortable territory, the progressive nature of this camp is highly effective in not only maximizing repetitions, but also introducing new and challenging drills to the skaters through familiarity. This immensely helps expand playersโ€™ mind-muscle connection and muscle memory. Every drill has a motive. Itโ€™s time to get better on purpose. What are you waiting for?

Our tested and proven progression includes the following:
  • Inside Edges
  • Outside Edges
  • Hip Mobility & Flexibility
  • Body Control & Posture
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Pure Stability, Coordination & Balance
  • Backwards Inside & Outside Edges


Our Goal Scoring & Deception camp is unlike like any other. Players who participate will immediately find the correlation between the camp and real games. The skills and tools acquired through our unique and potent drills will give players a sense of confidence in their puck possession game along with being so much harder to โ€œread.โ€ If you are looking for a highly effective camp in an intense, engaging and energetic atmosphere, you have found it! Camp components are below;
  • Shooting To Score (with a direct purpose)
  • Footwork In Tight Areas
  • Rapid Changes Of Speed & Direction
  • Hip Mobility & Functionality
  • Pure Deception Inlcuding The Following;
    • Body Weight Shifts
    • Body Weight Thrusts
    • Head Fakes
    • Stutter Steps
    • Shoulder Shimmys
    • Hand Fakes
    • Looking Opponents Off
    • Puck Placement & Self Passes
    • โ€ฆ& Much More!


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