Edge Ice Arena

July 22nd-24th 

Welcome to the first annual 8U mini-tourney….after having been doing 10U-14U mini-tourneys throughout the summer for the last several years and hearing a need for 8U games, I have decided to start a super fun event for the little guys! I realize the 8Us don’t have as many options so I am trying my best to include them as much as possible.
Just like the other events, this will be professionally organized. Each team will carry 8-10 skaters max. Players will register as ‘free agents’ and I will draft teams as evenly as possible to promote close competition for each game.
***Each skater will get four games*** – This means each skater will receive four full hours of game play (which is actually 8 games in jamboree style. Each game they will play a new team).
Players outside of specified birth years must seek approval before registering.

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