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What is the most important skill for an 8U player to work on? How about a 10U player? 14U? How about professionals? It’s simple….SKATING, skating and more skating! (Okay, and a few other skills, too, and we will cover those as well!). We believe the best players are the best skaters. Want to score more goals? Become a skater. Want to shut down the other team? Become a skater. Want to be a better goalie? Become a skater! There is no one who feels so strongly about skating as we do, so let’s get to it. Give your players the foundation they need to become successful hockey players in any aspect of their game.

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Our Advanced Powerskating Progression camp is the most important camp your skaters will participate in. If you’ve read our philosophy, you’ll know we believe that the best players are the best skaters. Whether it’s mastering the basics or pushing the players into uncomfortable territory, the progressive nature of this camp is highly effective in not only maximizing repetitions, but also introducing new and challenging drills to the skaters through familiarity. This immensely helps expand players’ mind-muscle connection and muscle memory. Every drill has a motive. It’s time to get better on purpose. What are you waiting for?

Our tested and proven progression includes the following:
  • Inside Edges
  • Outside Edges
  • Hip Mobility & Flexibility
  • Body Control & Posture
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Pure Stability, Coordination & Balance
  • Backwards Inside & Outside Edges

On top of our Advanced Powerskating Progression, the kids will get a good amount of puck work with some shooting mixed in. Our puck work will focus on proper hand and arm placement and controlling the puck ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the body in various situations.

Give your 8U skaters the foundation necessary to build off of – EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE with Hull Hockey!


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